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How to get the best from Neptune’s Gold

Eryngium Neptune's Gold

A container-grown Eryngium Neptune’s Gold

Eryngium Neptune’s Gold is an easy plant to grow in any garden, just like any other Sea Holly.

It likes a sunny position (the yellow foliage does not scorch) and appreciates good drainage – avoid positions where the plant might become waterlogged. Once planted, aftercare is simple – simply remove spent flower stems at the end of the flowering season. Make sure that the plant does not become swamped by neighbouring plants – it likes a little room to show off!

You can also cut the flower stems and bring them indoors – they work really well in mixed arrangements.

Of course, you can also grow Neptune’s Gold in a pot. We think it looks particularly good in blue-glazed pots, like in our photo here. Use any good quality potting compost and ensure the plant is in a sunny spot.